You have Questions? We have Answers!
1I want to learn about UAVs for Recreational and Hobby purposes only. Are these Courses suitable for me?

Our training program is designed for commercial UAV operations. Recreational users are not recommended to take AlteX training program.
We recommend that recreational users to contact their local MAAC club

2Do I need to purchase UAVs before registering for courses?

NO. All online courses do not require UAV Equipment. Flight Courses require an UAV system. AlteX provides rental units if students currently do not own an UAV.

3Are the courses Part-Time or Full-Time?

AlteX Courses are Part-Time designed as continuing education for Working Professionals. Online Courses offer a range of Weekday and Weekend schedules.

4Do I qualify for Transport Canada Permit upon completing the Courses?

Currently Transport Canada requires Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC) for small UAV Operations.
SFOC is composed of 3 Main Sections:

01. Equipment: What are you flying?
02. Operators: Who are flying?

  • Age 18 and above.
  • Medical Category 4 Declaration (similar to driver’s license health requirements)
  • Pilot Ground School Certificate. Our UAVT002 Course.
  • Experience. Your own industry related experience and flight hours.
03. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): How are you operating?

UAVT002 Course satisfies Certificate Requirement. Our Equipment and SFOC Workshop guides students to complete the Other Sections of their SFOC Application.

5Are there additional Course Fees? i.e., Textbooks, Materials, Exam Fees?

Textbook and learning material are included in the course fees. UAV equipment for flight courses incur rental fees for students who do not own an UAV or wish to rent additional batteries, location support, etc. All exams are included except ROC-A which is conducted by Industry Canada. A $40-$60/student exam fee applies.

6What is ROC-A Exam? Is Two-Way Radio required for UAV Operations? Why is ROC-A required for Pilot Ground School?

ROC-A is a Radio Exam for Restricted Operator’s Certificate – Aeronautical. Two-way radio is not required for UAV operations. Radio communication skill is crucial to UAV operators. While UAV operators are not expected to join open aeronautical radio frequencies, it is important to be able to use radio communication skills while maintaining inter-team communication.

7Is there instructor interaction for Online Courses? What if I miss a Live Session?

YES. Online Courses have Live Sessions that offer students a chance to interact with our instructors and participate in Q&A Sessions.
Only Pilot Ground School records Live Sessions. The recordings are made available for the duration of the course. Students who miss live sessions are required to watch recorded session videos.

8What is the difference between Courses, Workshops and Flight Activities?

COURSE is set of learning activities focused on theory and skills development. Typically longer duration involving Textbook, Video/Live Instructor Sessions, Practice, Quiz, Exam and Completion Certificate.

WORKSHOP is a set of hands-on activities focused on utilizing theory and skills in practical settings. AlteX Workshops involve actual Flight Operation Documents and Equipment. Each Workshop guides students to complete a section for SFOC or operational purpose.

FLIGHT ACTIVITY is an Interactive Session for students, instructors and other industry speakers to discuss Flight Experiences, Regulation, General Industry Updates and Networking. UAV is a rapidly growing industry. Activity Sessions provide a platform for industry parties to share and explore the many exciting areas of UAV Operations.

9Is Pilot Ground School Certificate required for Flight Courses? Does it have to be from AlteX or Humber College?

YES. Pilot Ground School Certificate is mandatory for any Flight Course. Students with Pilot Ground School Certificate from other training institutes can still take AlteX flight course provided that they pass AlteX’s Ground School Exam.

10Is there an Exam for each Course?

YES. All Courses have Final Exams except DRONE 101. Workshops and Flight Activity Sessions do not have Exams.

11Do you provide Employment Opportunities for Course Graduates?

We provide students with updates from various UAV Communities. Job openings will be posted in AlteX newsletters. Students are also encouraged to join the quarterly Activity Session to network with other industry parties.

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